Special Offer: Receive 3 Gorilla Beacons and Unlimited Messaging for Only $50 a Month

Gorilla Proximity Marketing

Efficient Not Subtle


Broadcast Your Brand 24/7

Every Android Smartphone that comes within 400 feet of your Gorilla Proximity Marketing Beacon can receive your advertising message. 24/7 or on your schedule.

Direct to Smartphone Notifications

No App Required! Using Google Nearby, Your 40 Character Message AND Web Link will Silently Appear on the Notification Screen. Link to Web Pages, Menus, Coupon codes, or Email sign ups.

Gorilla Marketing At It's Best

You can place your Gorilla Proximity Marketing Beacon anywhere. Target marketing in areas YOUR customers are. No long term contracts. Cancel Anytime.

We are proud to announce our latest Customer "The Grammy Museum" at la live

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